Vellum is still on trend in 2021 and it’s easy to see why however, there are a few things to consider when opting for this translucent stock.

So, what is vellum?

Vellum is a translucent paper stock made from cellulose fibres; it has a frosted glass like look.

Why do we love vellum?

Well, it has a lovely soft look when layered with other stocks and its translucent quality gives a tactile dimension to your stationery suite. From a printing point of view it’s not bad either; it can be printed on as normal paper, and can even be foiled.

Sounds great, what are the cons?

Vellum is a sensitive stock, any heat or moisture will make the paper curl. So…picture this…you’ve spent hundreds of pounds on beautiful wedding stationery…you get your order home to your nice warm house, come back in a day or two to find your invitations now look like scrolls…disaster! That said, it can be rectified, by storing your vellum in a cool, dry place under a heavy book for a few days you can return it back to it’s original, flat, state.

It is for this reason I always ask my vellum stationery couples where they plan to store their stationery and more importantly, where it will be placed on the day. Will a little pre-planning we can make sure your vellum arrives, and stays, in tip top condition for your special day!