All orders accepted and work undertaken by Urzanmyne is on the understanding that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions. It is therefore the clients responsibility to check these terms and conditions prior to purchasing.

Urzanmyne reserves the right to use any of your stationery to promote their products and services, however, we will never share any of your personal information with third parties.


All designs are the property and copyright of Urzanmyne and may not be reproduced by yourself or any third parties without prior written consent. Any improper or illegal use of the stationery, artwork or designs will be pursued.

If the client should provide Urzanmyne with any text, images or illustrations of their own, the ownership of such materials will remain with the client or rightful trademark/copyright owner.


All proofs will be sent by email unless otherwise requested; hard copy proofs may incur an additional charge.

Urzanmyne are perfectionists and take great care and time to ensure all information on your stationery is accurate however, it is the responsibility of the client to proof read and check the spelling, grammar, scale and layout of the design before giving Urzanmyne instruction to print.

We may ask you send us your stationery wording and then copy and paste it into our design, Urzanmyne will assume that that all information you have given us is correct. It is therefore the responsibility of the client to ensure the final design proof is completely correct before giving instruction to print.

Urzanmyne does not take responsibility for any designs which are signed off and subsequently printed with typing, scaling or layout errors and will therefore not be liable for any resulting costs for reprinting. Urzanmyne therefore, strongly advises that yourself and a minimum of one other person checks the proofs prior to signing off. 

Please note that the colours that you see on your screen will vary from the printed results, we will endeavour to reach the closest match possible but should you be worried Urzanmyne recommend ordering a printed sample; this may incur an additional charge. 

Design and proofing has been factored into the pricing of your stationery; in order to ensure customer satisfaction alterations to the design or wording can be made up to 3 times (this may include multiple small adjustments within one alteration session). This is what Urzanmyne deem a reasonable number of requests and must be within a reasonable time frame. Should you request more than 3 alteration proofs or major changes to a design, additional charges will apply.  Likewise, if these requests are made over a long period of time, additional design charges will apply.                                                                       

Urzanmyne will not be responsible for any delay in your approval of your proofs and subsequent delay in the printing and shipment of your stationery. Alterations will be made as soon as possible, during busy periods Urzanmyne may advise of time restrictions.

Quotes and Payment                                                                                                                       

All consultations are free of charge. Should you choose to work with Urzanmyne we request a £50 booking fee to secure the date, this will be refunded in the final invoice. 

For bespoke designs the client will also receive an invoice for the agreed non-refundable design fee which must be paid prior to any design work. Once you have agreed a final proof and instructed Urzanmyne to print, the remaining fee for the stationery will be invoiced. Only once this payment has been made, will Urzanmyne proceed to print your order. Urzanmyne accepts payment via bank transfer or paypal only. Urzanmyne will not be held responsible for any delay to printing and delivery as a result of late payment.

Project Duration

The process of sending proofs and making any suggested adjustments could take up to 4 weeks depending on the design changes suggested by the client however, this is just a guide and Urzanmyne will not be liable for delays in this process if the client requests additional adjustments and proofs after this period. Once instructed to print, Urzanmyne will send to their printer within 48 hours however, please note that, on rare occasions, printing could take up to 4 weeks during peak times therefore it is vital you leave enough time before your event!


Cancellation of orders must be received by Urzanmyne in writing in the form of email. The client will then be invoiced for all work undertaken over and above any previous payments. 

Refunds and Reprints

It is not possible for Urzanmyne to refund an order once it has been printed unless an order has been completed to an incorrect specification. If this should happen Urzanmyne may, at their discretion, offer a reprint free of charge. Any such reports must be made within 48 hours of receiving your order, with any errors being clearly reported in writing via email. 

Urzanmyne will either clearly describe or show their standard card stocks as part of their consultation and invoicing process and therefore will not be held liable for any orders that the client claims to not be as they expected due to paper stock. 

Loss or Damage

Once an order has been collected the responsibility lies with the client/person collecting. Urzanmyne will not be held responsible for any loss or damage once your order has been collected.

Additional Costs

An additional cost of 2% interest per month will be charged for any invoice which is not paid for more than 28 days.                                                                                               

Additional charges may also apply when the client expects work to be carried out that Urzanmyne deems to be over and above the agreed design fee. Urzanmyne will warn the client of these additional charges in writing before carrying out any additional works and/or invoicing additional fees.